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What We Offer
We provide a range of audio recording and legal transcription services pertaining to:
About Us
Transcription and Recording Services we specialise in recording meetings, hearings, et cetera; and also offer transcription services to transcribe your already recorded matters or matters recorded by us for you. Meetings recorded on video tape? We will digitise your videos, transcribe the proceedings and burn it to DVD.
We rely on a team of highly skilled and trained transcribers to deliver only the best quality end result. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to deliver only the best.
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What We Offer
For an affordable price – combine recording and transcription with our flagship End to End service. We bring expert recording to your location to ensure excellent quality audio as well as excellent quality transcription.

Digital Audio provides a range of services for the government and public sectors. All our transcriptions is available in PDF to insure security of your documents. We are able to transcribe recorded matters or if you so wish one of our skilled staff could record the matter and we then do the transcription.

We specialise in recording hearings and rely on our highly trained and skilled recording team to deliver the best quality and results. Our staff will be able to assist you no matter where you are situated in South Africa.

As a Value Added servive we also offer progress tracking, on the transcription of cases trough our website.
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